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Businessgame is a free online browser based game which allows you to feel the real thrill of business.

Compete with other players around the world by running your own virtual company!

Learn more about the history and main goal of Businessgame on the About page.

What is on this Wikia[]

This Wikia contains a huge amount of articles and information about the Businessgame game, all assembled in easy to use categories like How to play, General information and Getting started.

If you quickly want to search for something, you can take a look on the list of All Pages.

This Wikia has become a powerful tool thanks to the help of many users such as yourself. You can easily help out by adding or correcting information. When in doubt about how to edit this wikia you can check our Community portal.


Engineering and unlocking sectors has been deprecated for the current time being. Please consider any information about engineering level/XP required to unlock sectors irrelevant. Thank you.

Getting started[]

Welcome to Businessgame, we recommend you to read the Your First Day page before to start. This explains the general navigation and sections of the site, how to take your first steps, and what strategy might suit you best.

If you made some mistake and want to restart read how to Reset.


Businessgame has got its own IRC channel on Freenode. Its name is ##businessgame. .

Quick links[]

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