Businessgame Wiki


What are taxes?[]

Every day at the end of the day you have to pay taxes.

Do I need to do anything to pay them?[]

No, taxes are being subtracted from your cash automatically. But you need to have decent amount of cash to be able to pay them off. There a dozen of different variant how you are able to solve that problem and of this is PayDay Say like services where you could find a suitable loaner that will give you a decent amount of cash that then you will use to pay off that taxes.

How are my taxes calculated?[]

Your taxes are being calculated on your calculated income of the day.

The taxes are only calculated when you have a profit, this means that when you run breakeven or 'lose' money no taxes will have to be paid.

The taxes are being calculated by using tax brackets.

What are tax brackets?[]

A tax bracket is a system of progressive income tax by which a certain portion of the income has a certain percentage of taxation. Meaning that income past a certain point will have a higher tax rate.

The net effect is that the tax burden on people with lower incomes is lower than for those with higher incomes.

How come some players' tax brackets only go up to 70%?[]

For regular players the tax brackets go up to a maximum bracket of 90%, sponsors get the advantage of only having a maximum bracket of 70% thus having a tax cut.

What is government funding?[]

Companies who don't manage to turn a profit will be supported by the government to keep their operation going.

When your company is making losses the government will ship in a bit and give you some funding to get you through those difficult times.


How is my total profits of the day being calculated?[]

Your total profit for today has been calculated by using all the information you can find in your log files.

So when buying or selling goods, bond interests, bank interests, production costs, staff costs, and so on.

Loan paybacks and investing in units or warehouses do not count as costs!

Gifts are not included, those are tax-free!

Write offs[]