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Concept of this page[]

Whenever there is a new idea pitched by me or one of our players that has huge potential, it is worth discussing, improving upon before commencing with the implementation.

Experience from the past has learned us that discussing new feature ideas with members will result in better, easier to understand and more enjoyable game features being added.

Therefore I created this page since it is easier to alter or add to an idea on a wikia page than having a constructive buildup in a chatroom. Of course, debating will still happen in chat, this page merely functions as a retainer of those ideas.

Please note that having an idea discussed here does not guarantee the feature being implemented in the game.

Mobile friendly site (Currently in development)[]

The site's design is outdated and doesn't work practically on a mobile phone. Many users play businessgame via their phone so it would make sense for the site to display properly on different devices.

Status: Currently half way done.

Conglomerates (In development)[]

To implement more of a multiplayer vibe I would like to suggest conglomerates. Which allows teams of players to work together. Not quite sure yet what they could work together on. An idea might be for them to unlock upgrades together, or to be able to transfer goods, money and xp to each other or even game coins.

Status: Currently created the conglomerates and already added some upgrades. Have to review the overpowering or overpowering of these upgrades.

Player feedback: It would be nice if the unlocked upgrades would be compact as the available upgrades. I would like to see only the last level unlocked and not all upgrades that were made (currently it takes way too much space on the page).

Player feedback 2: It would be nice to have also a competition between conglomerates, lets say the first 3 get some game coins etc.

Stock market: Investement money for daily part of profit[]

The idea is a stockmarket where you can buy and sell shares from other company's. Ofcourse you cant sell more then 49% of the total amount of shares of youre own company (so you don't lose control). When you sell stock you get money to invest. When you buy shares of other company's you get part of the profit of the company, equal to the % of the company you own. This would of course be after taxes.

The value of the stock hangs together with the total value of the company. If the company value rises so rises the stock. Ofcourse players can chose a prise to sell their stocks at. And company's have first right to buy back stocks.

Company's should have a choice wether they want to sell stocks.

Decoupling the company from users (on hold)[]

With this idea a company is no longer linked to a user but exists seperatly and is owned by a user and managed by a user (CEO). This way a user can own and manage multiple companies.

This would open up the possibility of IPOs with a stock market in the future.

Status: This requires a lot of refactoring of old code. Already have gotten through a lot of it. But more work is required. Currently put on hold for other suggestions with a higher priority.

Financial measurements (on hold)[]

The user insider pitched the idea to add financial measurements to the finance page and user profiles to determine their companies health. Combined with the decoupled companies, this would be the measurements of the company itself.

Status: Requires independent companies first, see the prior idea.

Suggested measurements[]


Equity = Assets (company value) - liabilities (debts)(€)

More information on Equity.

Debt Ratio (DR)[]

DR = Total Debts / Total Assets (%)

Additionally this ratio could be used to decide wether you are allowed to increase your bank loan or not. Instead of the current system in which you have to upgrade your bank level.

More information on Debt Ratio.

Return On Equity (ROE)[]

ROE = operating profit / equity (%)

More information on ROE.

Return On Investment (ROI)[]

ROI = operating income / net capital investment (%)

More information on ROI.

Return On Sales (ROS)[]

ROS = operating income / income (%)

More information on ROS.

Extra industries and sectors[]

Industry name Sector Input Output Note
Meat Packing Farming and forestry Cattle, Pigs, Sheep etc Meet / Frozen Meet
Drinks Industry ( Wine, Beer ) Farming and forestry Grapes / (Malt/Water/Barley/Hops/Yeast ) Wine or Beer
Fruits Industry Farming and forestry Fertilizer, Water Fruits ( e.g. Grapes / Appels / Pears etc )
e.g. Equine, Rabbit, Pork, Sheep Livestock (new) - Also Ranch should be here Water, Corn, Wheat, Fruits Livestock ( animals )

Cabbage farm

Other examples: Potatoes, Sunflower, Tomatoes

Farming and forestry Energy, Water, Fertilizer, Cabbage Cabbage
Heat generator Utilities (Energy) Heat, (Water) Energy
Geothermal power plant Utilities (Energy) Nothing Heat
Hydro power plant Utilities (Energy) Water (or based on location?) Water, Energy
Car factory Autoindustry Metal, Electronics, Computer chips, Machine parts, Tyres, Glass, ... Cars
Lightbulbs factory Miscellaneous Tungsten/LED diodes, Glass, Copper... Tungsten/LED lightbulbs
Tungsten mine Mining Energy, Water Tungsten, Wastewater, Trash
Computers factory ICT Motherboards, CPUs, RAMs, GPUs, HDDs/SSDs, (CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives), Power supply units, Energy... Desktop computers/laptops
Hi-Fi factory ICT Speaker frames, Permanent magnets, Paper, Plastic, Copper wire, Energy Hi-Fi audio equipment(speakers, etc.)
TV/Computer screens factory ICT CRTs/LCD displays/ LED diodes, Glass, Plastic, Steel/Aluminium, Energy TVs/Computer screens
Tank Factory Autoindustry Energy/Steel/Machine Parts/Machines/microchips/Electric motors/Robotics/Conveyer system/copper wire/Gears/Electric steel Tanks/trash
Airplane Factory Autoindustry Energy/Steel/Machine Parts/Machines/microchips/Electric motors/Robotics/Conveyer system/copper wire/Gears/Electric steel Airplane/trash

Status: I will periodically add new products and sectors when I think a new chain might have added value. I won't add separate industries, I prefer to add fully closed chains at once. Once suggested sectors are added they are removed from this list to make room for new ideas :).

Research laboratory (on hold)[]

To unlock new sectors you first have to research the technology in a laboratory or research centre. Once you have researched a technology you can generate blue prints to build the units. Blue prints can also be shared through a conglomerate.

First step to be taken is to remove the current unlocking system which is based on XP (done).

A good idea would be adding new technologies, which give bonuses (and penalties).

Name Description TP cost Prerequisites (?)
Enhanced wind turbines Thanks to scientific breakthroughs, your wind farms now produce slightly more power (5/10/15% per level). 500 Wind Turbines.
Radioisotope generators (RTGs) Your scientists have discovered a new source of power - RTGs. They generate a small amount of power over a large time period, and require fuel only when installing or changing it. 250 Uranium enrichment
Uranium enrichment Through series of experiments, your scientists have discovered how to enrich uranium in order to make it usable in nuclear power plants. 200 Nuclear power
Basic technology This is the basic technology, which serves as a root on the technology tree. It's unlocked from the start. 0 None

These are my ideas, you are free to change them or add new ones.

Different product units with specialized storage (Cancelled)[]

At the moment all products are measured in CBM, even solar panels and cows :).

It would make more sense to have different units for a different type of units, and having different storage spaces for different products. Keeping your cows in your warehouse next to your uranium isn't quite healthy.

Status: I decided not to implement this. Even though it would be more realistic, it would only add complexity to the game without adding gameplay.

Hall of fame - All time[]

We currently have a hall of fame implemented but you have to search each round to find your placement etc.

I would propose a revamp of that page ( keep also the details for each round in place ) but add also a place where you can see all the results gathered together in order to see how is the best manager.