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How do I change my password[]

You can change your password via the settings page.

How do I change my username?[]

You can't change your username. The username you have chosen at registering is your definitive username.

Why isn't my new password being accepted?[]

For security reasons we have decided that passwords must have at least a strength level "reliable". Which means that your password must be at least 6 characters or containing two different kind of characters.

There is a strength meter which will help you define your new password.

What is vacation mode?[]

To stop overall production and have no costs, you can activate the vacation mode. This will freeze your account.

How do I activate vacation mode?[]

You can activate vacation mode at the preferences page in the settings.

Reset or delete account[]

To reset your account you just have to open your settings then choose the "reset account" option, it will ask your password and in seconds you can start a new fresh game.