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Robotics are a product in the Machinery category. It's prices vary between 51 and 69 per CBM.

Robotics are produced by the following units:

Name Amount
Robotics industry 489 CBM

Robotics are not used by any sector.

Robotics are required when installing the following units:

Name Amount
Sewage treatment plant 100 CBM
Iron mine 500 CBM
Copper mine 400 CBM
Silica mine 900 CBM
Bauxite mine 200 CBM
Coal mine 200 CBM
Uranium mine 200 CBM
Steel mill 60 CBM
Uranium mill 5,000 CBM
Rolling mill 100 CBM
Electric steel mill 60 CBM
Aluminium smelter 100 CBM
Silicon smelter 120 CBM
Wire mill 100 CBM
Screws factory 200 CBM
Microelectronics industry 100 CBM
Gears industry 200 CBM
Engineering facility 50 CBM
Petrol power plant 500 CBM
Coal power plant 50 CBM
Solar power plant 200 CBM
Nuclear power plant 1,000 CBM
Nuclear storage facility 5,000 CBM
Waste plant 100 CBM
Sawmill 150 CBM
Rubber plant 50 CBM
Petrochemistry 50 CBM
Chemical plant 500 CBM
Fertilizer facility 200 CBM
Glass container factory 5,000 CBM
Machines assembly 50 CBM
Generators assembly 100 CBM
Motors assembly 125 CBM
Robotics industry 600 CBM
Industrial drills assembly 600 CBM
Conveyors assembly 100 CBM
Pumps assembly 50 CBM
Furnaces assembly 60 CBM
Semiconductor fab 100 CBM
Wind turbines assembly 50 CBM
Pallet factory 300 CBM