Businessgame Wiki

Storing products[]

There is no way one can create goods without a space to store them, and transport them. The storage units and loading docks do the trick.


Loading/unloading stuff doesn't occur instantly. either. Instead, when you buy/sell things on the market, they are added to the shipments, which are then processed by the loading docks every turn (60 seconds)

Storage units[]

They store things you've produced and bought. If they're full, your production stops and you can't buy stuff anymore. Normally, each storage unit provides 250 000 CBM of storage. You can increase that number by upgrading your storage technology level. Initially you have storage technology level 0. The maximum storage technology level is 10.

Storage technology levels[]

Technology level Storage increase Cumulative storage increase Cost
1 2% 2% 2,500 XP
2 2% 4% 2,500 XP
3 2% 6% 2,500 XP
4 2% 8% 2,500 XP
5 2% 10% 2,500 XP
6 2% 12% 2,500 XP
7 2% 14% 2,500 XP
8 2% 16% 2,500 XP
9 2% 18% 2,500 XP
10 2% 20% 2,500 XP

Loading docks[]

They are responsible for processing shipments. Each loading dock processes 1 200 000 CBM of shipments/hour (20 000/minute). However, the shipment processing must be allocated between incoming and outgoing. Therefore, each dock provides 10 000 CBM of incoming and outgoing shipment processing rate.

Storage system[]

There are 3 storage systems:

Name Description Storage unit size Dock processing rate
Just fill it up The warehouses are just filled up to the top. It takes a lot longer to find your goods back but your storage space is used to the fullest. 300 000 CBM 900 000 CBM/hour

Chaotic allocation[]

Your storage is being divided into smaller designated compartments. Your storage will be used less efficient but improves your processing speed. 250 000 CBM 1 200 000 CBM/hour

Numerical allocation[]

Parts of your warehouses are reserved for certain goods. This drastically increases stock picking speed but lowers your warehouse size a lot. 200 000 CBM 1 500 000 CBM/hour