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Where there is profit, there are taxes. This is also true in the world of Businessgame.

When your company is making a profit, the game system will subtract taxes from your cash automatically at 0:00 AM server time.

Your taxes are being calculated on your calculated income of the day. If you didn't make any profit during the day, you won't end up paying taxes. To keep track of your current expected taxes you can check the finance page in the game.

Tax brackets[]

The tax system uses a progressive tax based on tax brackets. These tax brackets are different for regular users and donators. Donators get a small, but noticeable, tax reduction.

Tax brackets for normal users[]

From Till Tax percentage
€ 0 € 100,000 Tax free
€ 100,000 € 250,000 Taxed at 10%
€ 250,000 € 500,000 Taxed at 20%
€ 500,000 € 1,000,000 Taxed at 30%
€ 1,000,000 € 5,000,000 Taxed at 40%
€ 5,000,000 € 20,000,000 Taxed at 50%
€ 20,000,000 Up to infinity Taxed at 60%

Tax brackets for donators[]

From Till Tax Percentage
€ 0 € 250,000 Tax free
€ 250,000 € 500,000 Taxed at 10%
€ 500,000 € 1,000,000 Taxed at 20%
€ 1,000,000 € 5,000,000 Taxed at 30%
€ 5,000,000 € 20,000,000 Taxed at 40%
€ 20,000,000 € 50,000,000 Taxed at 50%
€ 50,000,000 Up to infinity Taxed at 60%

Tax advance[]

You can reduce your taxes by paying an advance. Basically you are already paying up front some of the taxes you owe. The benefit of doing this is that for every 100 euros you pay up front, 115 euros are deducted from your tax debt. That's whopping 15% less taxes to pay!

Tax advances can be paid from the Bank page and can be utilised until 9 PM CEST (GMT +2).

Tax avoidance[]

You can also avoid your tax by using game coins on the coins page. There is an option, costing 4 game coins, to reduce your calculated profit by 25%. This means that 25% of your profit will not be noticed by your Tax Agent and will not be taxed. Since the tax system is progressive, this means that the 25% would normally have been taxed the heaviest.