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The interface[]

Welcome to Businessgame !

First things first. Take a minute to look at the interface as you will have to use it a lot.


At the top is the round data.

At the left the sections: production overview, units, storage, shipments, market, bank, bonds, office and finance.

In the center are your current rank position, money, warehouse data, exp points and voting data.

In the upper section is your mail inbox, the rankings data, the Shoutbox (chat room) and your account tab.

Picking a pack[]

When you open the game for the first time it will ask you to choose a starting configuration, choose the one you prefer, but remember that you always need at least 1 warehouse and 1 loading dock.


Now it is time to choose a unit to start producing. This is really a matter of taste, but if you are playing the game for the first time a good way to start is producing green energy.

Green energy units ( solar power plant, wind farm ) do not require input materials and give just energy as output. There is no waste at all, so they represent a perfect way to start your game. Nearly all the other units need energy to work, so there is always a market for it.

The goal of your first day is to avoid going bankrupt and the overdraft situation.

So your first step must be to unlock a sector with the experience points (XP) you have from the start, or to train your engineers to the required level, if the chosen one is not a level 1 sector. Engineering is now deprecated, therefore the info here are no longer relevant. You can now buy any sector, as long as you can afford it. Yes. Even a nuclear power plant.

If you choose an autonomous sector, like solar plants, it will just start producing and you will be able to sell its products during the day.

If you prefer a sector which requires input materials, you will have to purchase those materials in the market or produce them with more sectors that you will have to unlock later in the round with more experience points and money. Unlocking sectors is no longer here.


When you start to sell your products you also start to increase the amount of taxes you will have to pay at midnight, so always remember to save some money to pay them. Otherwise, you leave your company in an overdraft situation, possibly for hours.

Also remember that you can pay taxes in advance from your bank account (with a discount of 15%).


Whatever you choose, try to proceed step by step. If you make mistakes you can always reset and restart. So don't worry, just go try things out.

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